Keeping in touch with Pablo

My preferred way of contact is e-mail: .

Social Networks

I am in LinkedIn, Facebook and a number of other social networks. If we haven't met in person or at least on Discord or similar, most likely I would wait until we met in person to accept a request to link up. You are of course welcome to follow me on formerly-known-as-Twitter if you find my updates of interest.

Job Opportunities

Use my public e-mail address () to contact me for employment opportunities (use the subject Pablo: job opportunity for expedite reply and to bypass spam filters). At the moment I am not seeking full time employment nor I am interested in relocating away from Vancouver, BC. For contracting opportunities, my core competencies are research and development of natural language processing systems and general machine learning problems in the vein of data science. I am also competent in back-end development, particularly in Java/Scala under GNU/Linux.

GPG Policy

If we haven't exchanged GPG signatures in the many signing parties I have attended in the last years, you are welcome to contact me for signing (use the subject Pablo: GPG signing to bypass filtering). Be adviced I will require two pieces of ID, one with a photo (that has to look like you). I can only take IDs I am familiar with, that would include an Argentinian / Canadian / U.S. passport or driver license. We can discuss exceptions by e-mail. I would expect you will also sign my key.

Student Advising Policies

Over the years, I have remotely advised a number of student projects / diploma theses. If you are a student with an interest in Free Software and Natural Language Processing, drop me an e-mail (you can use the subject 'Pablo: seeking advisor' to bypass spam filters) or ping me on IRC (see below). Please notice I expect all your work will be licensed under an OSI-compatible license and that you will host your development code in an on-line repository (e.g., GitHub, SourceForge, GitLab).


You can find me on Discord. My nick is DrDub. You might find me on the Learn AI Together server.