Finally, a blog

Sun, 17 Oct 2010 23:45:11 -0400

Tags: personal, technical, meta


My site is still work in progress and I am very likely not going to be using a blogging engine as such, but something built on top of DocBook Website. Why DocBook? First, it allows for writing the pages into a little bit more semantic markup la LaTeX, without having to write them in, for example, LaTeX (grin). But also has automatic detection for correctness of internal links, generation in different formats (text-only, PDF), plus the possibilities of extending the Website generation through XSL. The biggest selling point for me, nevertheless, is that it makes possible reasonable multilingual sites, using something like DocBook.sml. Given the fact that my mother tongue is Spanish and that now I live in a French-speaking country, this site might need to grow into two more languages over time. We can only hope.

But DocBook Website in its current incarnation is definitely lacking for blogs. I will need to fiddle with XSL a little bit to get it into something more akin to a blogging engine.

Just tried to search for docbook blog engine, just found a bunch of blog postings about DocBook. Sometimes I really miss Semantic Search. But then again, how to get all those nifty annotations? Clearly a topic for future blog posting.


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